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Privacy Policy

You agree and acknowledge that your data namely recorded interview and interaction sessions, writing sample, documents, personal information, etc. prepared by Xtraview shall be confidential information containing valuable proprietary information which shall remain the exclusive property of Xtraview and you shall not in any manner copy (in whole or in part), sell, assign, lease, license, disclose, give or otherwise transfer the Confidential Information or any copy or extracts thereof to any third party other than agreed to by Xtraview. You authorize Xtraview to send the “student’s data” on behalf of the student to the universities / colleges / schools / education companies. You agree that testimonials, feedbacks, pictures, videos etc. may be used for promotion by Xtraview. You acknowledge that Xtraview only assists in providing additional information supplementing the student’s admission application / selection process that may be used in the admission/selection process and you take full responsibility of all decisions made for the admission.